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La belle et la bête
an opera by Philip Glass
(Not part of the original soundtrack, and not heard in the film's first two releases)
© 1995 Nonesuch Records for the US and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States
Beauty and the Beast Full izle
8.0 Imdb Puanı

Once upon a time... A half-ruined merchant lives in the country with his nihayet Ludovic and his three daughters. Two of the daughters, Felicie and Adelaide, are real shrews, selfish, pretentious, evil. They exploit the third daughter, Belle, as a servant. One day, the merchant get lost in the forest and enters a strange castle. He picks up a rose for Beauty, what makes the castle s owner appear. He is a monster, half-human (body) and half-beast (paws, head), and he has magic powers. He sentenced the merchant to death, unless one of his daughters replaces him. Beauty sacrifices herself for her father and go to the castle. She will discover that the Beast is derece so wild and inhuman than köpek looks.

  • Yönetmen Jean Cocteau
  • Vizyona Giriş
  • Senarist
  • Türleri Dram, Fantezi, Romantik
  • İsim: Beauty and the Beast
  • Oyuncular
  • Jean Marais
  • Josette Day
  • Mila Parély
  • Nane Germon
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